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Our Shift Knobs include a 16mm Insert - Check out adapter kits below!
Court Jester
court jester court jester
DLSCP-025 $69.95
RF Guy
rf guy rf guy
DLSCP-022 $69.95
rockenstein front rockenstein side
DLSCP-021 $69.95
Red Hat Dog
red hat dog front red hat dog side
DLSCP-023 $69.95
Frankie Elvis
front frankie elvis frankie elvis side
DLSCP-020 $69.95
Blue Dog
blue dog blue dog
DLSCP-019 $69.95
Red Iron Cross Guy
Red Iron Cross Guy Red Iron Cross Guy
DLSCP-024 $69.95
Out of My Way Guy
out of my way guy out of my way guy
DLSCP-015 $69.95
Gas Mask Guy
gas mask guy gas mask guy
DLSCP-016 $69.95
Red Dog
red dog red dog
DLSCP-018 $69.95
Cigar Bull Dog
Cigar Bull Dog cigar bull dog
DLSCP-017 $69.95
hello hello
DLSCP-008 $69.95
Freckled Face Kit
freckled face kid freckled face kid
DLSCP-009 $69.95
Rat Fink
rat fink rat fink
DLSCP-010 $69.95
Von Dutch
von dutch von dutch
DLSCP-014 $69.95
Top Hat Skull
top hat skull top hat skull
DLSCP-028 $69.95
Smokin Ape
smokin ape smokin ape
DLSCP-030 $69.95
Multi Skull
multi skull multi skull
DLSCP-029 $69.95
Rocket Man
rocket man rocket man
DLSCP-031 $69.95
joker joker
DLSCP-002 $69.95
Shift Knob Adapter Kits
DLAkitS - Standard Threads Kit: 3/8-16, 3/8-24 & 5/16-18 standard sift lot
DLAkitM - Metric Threads Kit: 12mmx1.75, 10mmx1.50 & 12mmx1.25 metric
DLAkitC - Standard & Metric Kit Combo combo kit shifter
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Pin-up Girls
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