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Kiddie Cue in Red Finish


The Alex Austin 2 in 1 Kiddie Cue helps young beginners have fun and gain confidence while they learn the game. This unique, two-piece, junior cue comes with 2 separate shafts: 1 with a cue ball installed on the end, and a regular pool cue shaft the cue 48" in length. With the cue ball already located on the end of the stick, the kids can just line up with the object ball and shoot it right in!

This helps kids compete head to head with the adults and learn the game without worrying about balancing the cue or hitting the cue ball. Once they get the hang of it, they can switch the top of the cue to the included regular shaft to play like a normal cue.

  • 42" Child's cue with a cueball attached to the end
  • Teaches kids how to play and makes them competitive with the adults - all the kids have to do is line up with the object ball and shoot!
  • Teaches children to aim and stroke without having to balance a cue or hit the cue ball - also keeps them from poking at the felt
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