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The Ultimate Pool Challenge Card Game


The Ultimate Pool Challenge will soon be your favorite way to play pool! Whether playing alone or with others, your excitement will continue to build with each challenging shot made, and you will quickly improve your pool-playing skills! Challenge yourself with 52 different angle shots, combinations, multi-shot scenarios, caroms, and breakshots. 

The Ultimate Pool Challenge also doubles as a standard deck of playing cards! 

Officially recognized by the APA, The Ultimate Pool Challenge will help you conquer the table while having fun and competing with friends.

This game instructs you with the correct english on each opening shot, teaches you speed and ball control & how to play the rails. Each card contains valuable lessons that only can be perfected on the table. You'll see your game improve immediately, and will start thinking 2-3 shots ahead - just like the pros. 

Get ready to shuffle, draw, and shoot!

Here's a quick overview of how the game is played:
Player draws a challenge card from the deck; an opponent sets up the balls as pictured on the card. Player attempts to make the shot. If player makes the shot or shots on the challenge card, the challenge has been met. Player then retains the challenge card and its associated points. Player draws again to continue play. If player fails the challenge, the card must be passed to the next player, who in turn gets to shoot whatever scenario is left on the table, and can now play any pocket. 

Create hundreds of games or play Poker Pool favorites like: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card, Draw, War, Solitaire, Last Man Standing, First One Out, Cutthroat, and Go Fish.

If you play pool, you'll love Poker Pool. 

1-15 Players can play

Made in the USA