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Explore the allure of the Brescia pool table, inspired by the artisanal elegance of its namesake city in Italy. Its captivating design features a base reminiscent of the harmonious strings of a harp, crafted from cylindrical metal uprights with a luxurious champagne bronze finish. Complemented by angled aprons in a rich, dark charcoal, this table combines beauty with functionality, featuring polished stainless steel rail sights and low-profile drop pockets seamlessly integrated into its sleek design.


  • Brunswick Certified Premium 1" Slate
  • High Performance™ Nut Plate Construction
  • SuperSpeed® Cushion Rubber
  • Bronze Powder Coated Steel Pedestal Tubing/Plate
  • Polished Stainless Steel Rail Sights
  • Finish: Dark Charcoal


  • Aprons: Solid White Oak
  • Base: Solid Hardwood
  • Rails: Solid White Oak
  • Pedestals: Steel/White Oak


  • Size: 8' (2.4 m)
  • Dimensions: 103.8" x 59.8" (263.7 x 151.9 cm)
  • Leg Center: 82.8" x 37" (210.3 x 94 cm)
  • Weight: 1020 lbs* (462.7 kg)
  • Slate Thickness: 1" (2.5 cm) Framed
  • Play Surface: 88" x 44" (223.5 x 111.8 cm)
  • Framed Floor to Top of Slate: 30.3" (76.8 cm)
  • Floor to Top of Rails: 32" (81.3 cm)