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Repair Services

Tip Repair
pool cue tip picture
We can replace the tip of your playing cue. We offer over 25 different tip brands to satisfy every price range and player preference. Your choice of tip hardness and shape is included in the repair price.
Shaft Cleaning
pool cue shaft picture
Sick of seeing blue? We can clean and remove minor dents from the shaft to make it smooth.
Replacement Ferrule
cracked pool cue ferrule picture
Crack the ferrule of your cue? No worries, drop it off and you'll get it back - good as new!
Turn Down Service
Picture of Cue Shaft with Arrows showing width
If you are looking for a thinner shaft we can help you out. We can turn down the shaft diameter to suit your preferences.
Re-Wrap Cue
Picture of Pool Cue Wrap
Your wrap may have come unraveled, but don't despair! We can replace your irish linen - available in several colors.
Change Cue Weight
Picture of Scale with Cue on it
Too heavy - or not heavy enough? We can change out the weight bolts in most cues to make your cue the perfect feel for you.
Picture of Cue Lathe Machine
Not listed above? We do it all! If you have a repair or service you need let us know the details and we can get you pricing on your needs.