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Avid Era Series Sneaky Pete 12.25mm 4PT Natural 2-Piece Cue


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Inspired by our past, engineered to make history.

Owing its lineage to the traditional sneaky-pete styled cues made famous by early American hustlers, AVID Era cues are anything but traditional. Crafted of A grade kiln-dried, vacuum-sealed hard maple and equipped with the all-new AVID glass bonded maple low-deflection shaft, AVID Era cues were engineered to leave their mark on the game by providing players with the technology and performance required to recognize their potential today and any years down the line.

AVID 12.25mm Low-Deflection Shaft
Super Straight Taper
Tiger Everest Laminated Tip
Kiln dried vacuum-sealed Canadian Maple
Four midnight points over natural maple
Fused creme butt cap, ring, and collar
Black with white spec Irish linen wrap
CT logo joint protectors
Cuetec Cleansing Wipes (5X)