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The Avon has a strong tapered block style leg and matching detailed cabinet. This billiard table features white molded pearlized diamond rail sights, warm Suede finish, and brown leather pockets.

Table size: 7ft or 8ft
Finishes Available:


Leg Options: As shown
Rail sights: White molded pearlized diamond rail sights
Pocket: Brown leather pockets


  • Suede finish
  • Brown leather pockets
  • 1", three-piece certified slate
  • K66 Premier Cushion Rubber
  • White molded pearlized diamond rail sight


7’ Pool Table
Playing surface: 78” L x 39” W
Overall dimensions: 88"L x49"W x 32.5"H

8’ Pool Table
Playing surface: 88" L x 44" W
Overall dimensions: 98"L x54"W x 32.5"H,