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Ballsak Cue Ball Holder Case Customized


The quality of cue ball you use during a game of pool can mean the difference between winning and losing. With this cue ball case, you can bring your favorite cue ball with you to the match without taking up valuable space in your cue case. No more shooting a game with chipped, worn out, improperly weighted, or oversized cue balls ever again. You can be sure that every game of pool you play will be your best. Customized with your name or wording makes for the perfect gift. Cue ball is not included.
  • Fits Standard 2.25" Cue Balls
  • Customized with your name or wording on a hanging tag
  • Stylish red/black design with zippable closure
  • Clips onto your pool case or strap with anodized aluminum carabiner
  • Durable EVA shell with soft interior lining