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Caddy Shack Framed Movie Scene Wall Art by O'Keefe




"The original painting was a commissioned piece for Steve Garske, the CEO of Par Aide, who wanted all the characters from the movie in one painting. It was a fun painting to do, partly because of the movie itself and partly because it's an outdoor scene and you have the̴Ì_full spectrum of light and then you have golf, which is the most colorful sport and garish, especially in the late '70s.̴Ì_It was supposed to be a movie about Danny Noonan, but then̴Ì_Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield totally took the movie in a different direction. I put the main four characters front and center. I was totally finished and getting ready to varnish it̴Ì_and I added̴Ì_the lightning in, but not the bishop. I̴Ì_watched the movie again and decided I had to put the bishop̴Ì_in.