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Champion Shuffleboard


Feel free to e-mail us for current production time.

Available in various finishes and scorer options (excluding Charleston, Venetian, and Charleston). Scorer not included - contact us for Scorer pricing.

More about the Champion Shuffleboard:

Champion Shuffleboard revolutionized the industry in 1988 by developing the original "Lifetime Polymer" finish. This coating is applied directly over the Canadian Maple plank to provide a fantastic playing surface that NEVER requires re-finishing.

Designed not only for the player, but also with the operator in mind... our built in handicap feature makes this a better game to play and speeds up the play time therefore creating more revenue.


Playfield Material: 3" solid maple polymer surface

Cradle Material: Red Oak Veneer

Standard Stain: Natural Lacquer (custom stains available)

Playfield Length: 16" less than overall length

Number of Legs: 12', 14', 16', 18' = 3 Legs, 20', 22' = 5 Legs