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Cue Doctor Dent Buffer


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  • Convenient, Revolutionary, and Simple!
  • It was developed after years of research by a glassblower whose passion for pool demanded excellence in his equipment
  • The DENT BUFFER smooths the jagged edge of the dent and helps to swell the crushed fibers of the wood with heat generated from the friction of rubbing. This makes the dent far less noticeable when the cue shaft is stroked in the bridge of the hand
  • The material used in the DENT BUFFER is specially formulated and made from the finest glass procurable. Glass has some very desirable traits not found in metals, plastics or acrylics - Glass won't rub off.
  • Made in the USA. DO NOT use on urethane or polymer coated cue shafts, cue butts, or coated Irish Linen wrap. These finishes are brittle and will rub off under pressure