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Cynergy Replacement Pool Cue Shaft by Cuetec


‰ۡó¢ Soft/Medium Tiger̴å¬ Sniper Tip
‰ۡó¢ 1/4" White ABS Ferrule
‰ۡó¢ 15 1/2" Super Slim Taper (SST)
‰ۡó¢ 15K Carbon Fiber Tow Shaft

Game Changer. Proudly introducing the all-new CT-15K Super Slim Carbon Composite Shaft by Cuetec. Designed and developed with the input and feedback of three-time U.S. Open Champion, Shane Van Boening, the CT-15K was engineered for world-class performance. Constructed with a unique pattern of spun 15K carbon fiber tow, reinforced by a poly-foam core; the CT-15K utilizes an elongated straight-taper, ultra-thin white sighting ferrule, and 12.5mm Tiger̴å¬ Sniper tip to create a shaft that is beyond revolutionary. The CT-15K stands as the most accurate and consistent performing shaft our engineers have ever tested. Are you ready to change your game?