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Dynaspheres Platinum Phenolic Pool Ball Set


The Dynaspheres Platinum Pool Balls is the next generation of phenolic resin billiards balls. Discover better quality and performance, Dynaspheres balls have an extremely smooth surface that makes sure chalk and other contaminants can be easily removed.̴Ì_

Experience less bad contacts or miscues than other brands. Each cue ball is marked with 6 blue rotors for increased feedback on spin. The rotor design is integrated in every solid and striped ball.̴Ì_


  • Design: Distinctive colors, rotor design with bold numbers and white background on all balls, cue balls marked with 6 blue rotors
  • Set contains: 2 Cue balls, 7 Striped balls, & 8 Solid balls
  • Ball size: Standard 2.25"
  • Composition: Extremely high phenolic resin content
  • Ball weight: 169 grams
  • Includes free cleaning cloth, 1 Dynaspheres paper thin 8 ball rack, & 1 Dynaspheres paper thin 9 ball rack