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Fire Storm Air Hockey Table


Dynamo's new star comes home! Interactive LED lighting and a dramatically sculpted overhead design make Fire Storm the authentic finishing touch for that high-end home game room, or that location where coin operation is not a requirement but Dynamo durability is!

L: 100" / 254 cm
W: 56" / 142 cm
H: 71" / 180 cm
Weight: 475 lbs / 215 kg


  • Adjustable game sounds, with speaker placed behind each goal end for maximum player enjoyment
  • Interactive multi-color LED lighting.
  • Time-tested Dyna-blast blower system for unparalleled game play action
  • Infrared jam-proof scoring with improved goal ends to reduce jamming and down time.
  • Black-lit reactive Flaming orange trim and graphics catch players' attention!
  • Safe rounded top-rail design - no corner protectors needed
  • Easy to read overhead LED scoring display

Contact us for Commercial Coin Op pricing!

About the Commercial Cosmic Thunder:
This Air Hockey table is great for FEC's or any location wanting to earn serious revenue.

  • Available from the factory with Roll-down Coin Mechanism. Also available - Card Reader Ready, DBA, Ticket Dispensers - ask your Distributor when ordering.
  • Proven long-life commercial-grade cabinet construction. A Dynamo table is an investment in quality.
  • LED lighting for long service life, securely mounted under the durable polycarbonate three-piece Dynamo-logo shield set.