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Lucasi Lux Midnight Black Limited Edition


We have run out of stock for this item.


Please contact us for availability of this cue, including shaft/weight options.

This sleek traditional Lucasi Lux cue features matte finish midnight black cue, with pops of green and dark green veneer points, and a Genuine Black leather wrap. With a 12.75mm Uni-loc Lucasi Zero Flexpoint solid core shaft with Everest tip.̴Ì_

Looking for that̴Ì_personalized touch? Engrave your name or wording on the cue shaft!̴Ì_Click here for more on engraving.̴Ì_

Default Tip:̴Ì_Tiger Everest
Shaft Type:̴Ì_Lucasi Zero Flex Solid
Joint Type:̴Ì_Uni-Loc Quick
Shaft Diameter:̴Ì_12.75mm
Shaft Length:̴Ì_29 Inch
Shaft Taper:̴Ì_Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Joint Collar:̴Ì_Implex
Cue Wrap:̴Ì_Leather Wrap
Wood Type:̴Ì_Maple - Hard