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The Remsey 8 foot billiard table is both beautiful and practical. The beautiful design and workmanship on this table makes it a centerpiece in any home. Solid wood rails, body and tapered legs are the heart of the table. The elegance of the routed cabinet and legs is enhanced by the leather pockets with diamond shield, and the pearlized double diamond sites.

Great play is assured by premium cushion rubber, 1-inch slate,̴Ì_and double crossbeam construction. Features an̴Ì_integrated accessory drawer that holds all of your accessories. ̴Ì_Double crossbeam construction supports the slate and adds stability to the table to ensure you that you play your best.

With beauty and practicality, the Remsey is the perfect billiard table for recreation̴Ì_and style in the home.
Finish: Whiskey