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Sheffield Shuffleboard


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More about the Sheffield Shuffleboard:

The playing experience is all Champion, with our renowned Lifetime Polymer coating able to provide years of top quality play.

This table is like nothing before from Champion, with the contemporary look and unquestioned durability of steel construction. In response to popular demand, there is a limited run of Steel Sheffields in the 14-foot playfield length only. 

If you like the silhouette and construction of the Sheffield but the steel finish is not for you, the Sheffield comes in wood as well, with your choice of available finishes.

There is also an outdoor model available, contact us for pricing and see below for details.

More about the Upgraded Outdoor Sheffield Shuffleboard:

The Outdoor Sheffield with the WeatherWise package enables placement of your Champion Shuffleboard in an open air, non climate-controlled environment.  While we still recommend setting your table in a covered area, the WeatherWise package provides security that wind-blown raindrops or snowflakes can be wiped away without causing permanent damage.  


Playfield Material:  3" solid maple polymer surface

Cradle Material:  Metal (custom wood stains available) 

Playfield Length: 16" less than overall length

Number of Legs: 14' = 3 Legs

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