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Used 9Ft Brunswick Gold Crown III


9Ft. (50x100) 1" Slate D&L Certified Used Price: $2,795.00
Drop Pocket Black & Nickel Trim

About the Gold Crown III:
The finest professional model, selected for many major tournaments, is the standard of the industry. Built into each table is the durability, precision and live action necessary for championship play. Stain and burn resistant, black finish, Formica covered rails. Apron and leg assemblies are finished hardwood for maximum durability and stability.

Three piece, matched, registered and doweled 1 inch full sized framed slate provides a permanent level playing surface. Brunswick Super Speed cushions, the standard of the industry, provide maximum accuracy and true rebound.

Pocket castings and adjustable leg levelers are heavy duty die cast metal. Built in score markers.

Leg Levelers: Adjustable color-coordinated metal foot castings.

Construction: All wood kiln dried to resist warping.

Rail Trim: Extruded aluminum rail trim helps prevent rail damage.

Rails: Burn, stain and scratch resistant Formica covered hardwood rails. Rails are supported by and bolted through the slate for maximum rail rigidity. Specially designed adjustable nut plate allows rails to be positioned precisely and pulled down permanently to the slate.

Cushions: Brunswick Super Speed canvas backed cushions are the standard of the industry providing maximum accuracy, true rebound and consistent play.

Aprons: Fine quality appearance and durability.

Sights: Pearlized inlaid sights have a maximum tolerance of 30/1000ths of an inch for consistent play.

Slate: Three piece doweled, matched and registered 1" thick slate provides a permanent level playing surface. Framed slate extends underneath the rails for consistent play. Slate is precision machined smooth to within 10/1000ths of an inch.

Pockets: Regulation size pockets are secured into the rails with machine screws for longer pocket life. Heavy duty die cast corners and side pockets for long life. Pocket openings made to exacting industry standards.

Base Frame: Base Frame extends to the extremities of the slate and beneath the rails for maximum support. Base frame constructed of solid hardwood for maximum strength. Base frame is assembled and leveled at the factory for maximum strength and flatness. Machine nuts and bolts are used for maximum stability.